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A Word from the Managing Director

Ginapharma Limited headquartered in Tamale is happy to have you on Board.

The customer is the reason for our work ethics and quest to achieve excellence. We, therefore, aspire to provide quality drugs for all, irrespective of their budget. To this end we believe that providing medicines using the latest state of the art technology and delivery channels, will help save money for our clients. Savings of which will help improve health.

This we seek to do by being professional,  maintaining 24-hour contact with our clients and bringing pharmaceutical services closer to the doorsteps of our customers.

We are also committed to achieving this goal by keeping a satisfied and innovative workforce, who will continue to provide quality tailor-made/branded medicines to satisfy the needs of all.

Please note that we value our relationship with stakeholders and will continue to live up to our corporate social responsibility.

We cannot wait to hear from you.

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